Q1.      Please inform the details of stage-wise payments to be released under Indiramma Programme ?.

Ans:    Normally the payments are released in (3) stages
            a). After completion of the basement         -           Rs.3,200/-
            b). After completion of roof level                  -           Rs.9,305/-
            c). Roof casting                                              -           Rs.9,305/-

(The details of payments to be released in low lying areas and hilly areas are shown separately in the table).

Q2.      I have completed the basement 20 days back till date no payment received. How much cash will be given and in how many days ?.

Ans:    Rs.3,200/- will be released.  Please open a bank account in nearest branch and inform the account number to the Mandal AE / WI so that the amount will be deposited with in a week.

Q3.      Our WI neither releasing the payment nor issuing the cement in time.  In such a case please inform the name of the higher officer and his phone number to be contacted and phone number?
Ans:      At mandal level AE or WI(RP) is available. Please click here to view the phone numbers.
      At division level DyEE is available. Please click here to view the phone numbers.
      At district level District Manager is available. Please click here to view the phone numbers.


Q4.      What is the action to be taken if the Cement earmarked for our colony is sold in black market ? and how to identify such cement belongs to APSHCL ?

Ans:  To give necessary complaint to the Mandal AE or MRO or in the concerned Police Station.  The cement supplied by the A.P.State Housing Corporation Limited, will be in red colour bag with APSHCL embossing.  With these particulars the cement can be identified that it belongs to APSHCL. A Complaint Redressal System has been put in place which can be contacted on toll free number 1100. We assure that action would be initiated on all such cases.”

Q5.      Recently I have read in the news paper about the IAY wait list.  What is the wait list and inform the details ?

Ans:    As per the IAY guidelines communicated by the Govt. of India the unit cost per house is Rs.25,000/- which is a total subsidy.  The houses are sanctioned giving preference to the victims of Natural Calamities, Atrocities, freed bonded labour, physically handicapped persons, Widows.  If you enroll your name in the mandal office you will be in the waiting list.    The houses will be sanctioned to you on the priority basis.

6Q.      I have completed the roof casting of the house but Rs.1,000/- has been deducted while releasing the payment.  When requested for payment of Rs.1,000/- it was informed that Tri Colour has to be painted ? whether to get it painted or not ?.

Ans:    Yes.  As per the Govt instructed every house constructed under Indiramma has to be painted with Tri Colour. “..which is our National Colour”?

7Q.      A house has been sanctioned to me under Indiramma Programme.  It was informed that the Cement has to be obtained from the godown located at mandal head quarter.  Is there any possibility to supply the cement to our village itself ?.

Ans:    Presently as per the instructions the cement has to be obtained from the mandal godown only.  However supply of cement to your village will be examined in future.

8Q.      In our village houses are sanctioned to the higher income group people under Indiramma Programme.  To whom we should complaint about ineligibility of these people ?.

Ans:   Earlier the Govt., has announced reward to the people who inform about the ineligibility of the beneficiaries.  You please inform their ineligibility to the MRO., RDO., District Manager along with their fixed property details.  So that a suitable action can be initiated. You can also register a complaint in the Complaint Redressal System by dialling toll free number 1100”.

9Q       In our village the houses have not been sanctioned to the real eligible beneficiaries.  Is there any possibility to get the sanctioned houses in their names.  Whom to approach ?

Ans:   If your village is in the 2nd phase of the Indiramma Programme the houses can be sanctioned.   An application for sanction of houses may be submitted to the MDO,.  If you are a white card holder the same can be enclosed and submitted under copy to the CEO., Zillaparishad.You can also register a complaint in the Complaint Redressal System by dialling toll free number 1100”.

10Q     We are informed to open the account for getting release of payments ?.  the account was opened in my husband’s name, will it be OK ?.

Ans:    Having account in your husband’s name is not sufficient.  You should have a joint account.  If not a separate account in your name.

11Q.    The amount given by the Govt., is not sufficient.  Whether there is any possibility to increase the unit cost ?.


Presently the unit cost of the house is only Rs.25,000/- .  There is no possibility to enhance the same.  Further in addition to the unit cost the following additional amounts are provided:

            a). Rs.3050/- for sanitation.
            b). Rs.5,000/- for the low lying areas in coastal districts.
            c). Rs.3,200/- under NREGP.
            d). Rs.10,000/- as a loan from the self help groups.            

All beneficiaries are requested to enrol themselves in the Self Help Group programme to avail the above benefit. Pl contact the Village